A sobremesa PERFEITA para o seu NATAL – TRAVESSA DE UVA

A sobremesa PERFEITA para o seu NATAL – TRAVESSA DE UVA

500ml de leite
1 caixinha de leite condensado
100g de chocolate branco nobre
1 caixinha de creme de leite
3 gemas
1 colher de sopa de amido de milho

Massa folhada
Uva verde sem semente
Ganache para decorar

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A sobremesa PERFEITA para o seu NATAL – TRAVESSA DE UVA

Speak my dear and beloved followers, are you all right? How are you, Pedro? Okay. Today the recipe is a delicious dessert, people different, there is a wonderful cream, a sensational puff pastry and lots of grapes on top. Grape wow, it’s a wonderful combination for you to make your Christmas dinner, okay? So, if you want to check out this recipe, you are not subscribed here on the channel, you are already subscribed here below the video activate the bell so you can receive notification whenever the father posts a video. Don’t forget to leave the thumbs up, run the vignette and let’s get to work I’m in Makita there, right Pedro? Exactly. My God in heaven, wheel mine So come on guys, today one more dessert, today I’m going you guys making a top dessert huh Lorena? Let’s level up. That’s right. Dessert with grape, puff pastry wonderful white that you’re going to learn from dad here, okay? Remembering that all the ingredients I will.

I’ll leave it here in the video description, just open the information box, everything is specific. OK? Let’s start? Come on. First, folks, dad has here, look, five hundred ml of milk, a box of condensed milk grams of good quality white chocolate, a box of cream, three egg yolks a tablespoon of cornstarch, okay? So this is the base cream for our recipe. What is the father already going to do here? I’ll mix it up, I’ll put it here. Condensed milk Corn starch to be able to mix the starch first so as not to be in danger of getting stuck. I will also put the yolk. I will mix well. mix, mix It’s well mixed, now dad is going to add cream, I mix a little more people, this dessert is top of the galaxies You can do it at home and it will be a success. This is top huh. That.

Really good. You’ll see, okay? I’ll put here, look, one hundred grams of chocolate, you’ll say nine, when you say noble, good brand, you won’t buy fractions to make this type of recipe, okay? If you are going to put it in fractions, don’t even put it my dear, my dear, you don’t have the white chocolate dad is going to add the milk here now look, I can turn on the fire and now stirring give preference to a pan with a thick bottom so as not to burn your candy, right? huh? There are some little pans there that are easy to burn the candy, okay? Father will always be stirring here slowly, in a little while I’ll be back with you to show you the point of our cream Philip? And what is the recipe? Recipe is a grape dessert Did you like it, Lorraine? Show it, Pedrão, let’s go Oh gang, look at that cream spot. I’m going to turn it off, it’s not very firm, you can see that when I throw it in cream it already mixes. Because? Because later we’re going to whip some cream. Or if.

Or if you don’t have whipped cream here along with this cream. So he will give, he will incorporate even more, ok look, I got a clean mold, I’m going to put this cream here in the mold so it can cool down faster, right? The bigger the the fastest way will cool your cream. So the father will put it here cute, spread it out, put it in the fridge and let it cool. In the meantime, what’s the father going to do? I will separate the puff pastry be able to bake and I’ll be right back with you. One minute. Oh, I have it here, I bought it, guys, puff pastry look here Pedro look, can you see here? Do you find puff pastry on the market so you can buy it ready to bake So, just put it in the oven, I’m going to make some strips here, look I’m going to remove it, I have a mold here that is greased, I’m going to put the strips of With puff pastry, oh, there’s no secret, guys, and take it to bake.

Began to brown already was oh. If you want you can make your puff pastry. But oh I think it’s more BO. Because you have to buy the right margarine. Can not It can’t be just any margarine, right? I recommend you do it like this, look. I’m going to take it to the oven now, one hundred and eighty degrees, until it turns golden. Then, just take it out, reserve it for us to continue with our dessert Combined Peter? Combined. So come with me, let’s go Gang oh I took my cream out of the fridge it’s done what are we going to do now? To make it softer, tastier, I’m going to beat three hundred ml of fresh cream here in my mixer, ok? diego There is no fresh cream in my city. can do with whipped cream that will work too, no problem. Oh, I forgot to separate here, dad is going to put a spoon sugar, okay? One tablespoon of sugar. And now let’s hit. Come with me, oh.

Oh, ready. I already hit the whipped cream point, okay it’s chipping Guilherme, there look. Pure beauty, people. Look here Pedrão, the most beautiful thing Yes, the same thing will happen with that box of whipped cream that comes ready-made, just let it cool and it will work too Look what the father is going to do. I’m going to add that cream that was on ice in the fridge, pass here, look, look at that wonderful cream, scrape everything here, look. And here, we will mix it with this one, with this one in the case that turned now, right? So here, mix, I’ll even get a fuê that’s easier here’s that mix This dessert here will give Pedro something to talk about. So it is. My platter is here, dad is going to put it here. A layer wonderful cream.

Then I already have my puff pastry that dad baked in the oven ready. So that’s it from here oh. It’s quite simple. She’ll turn it around. You will get it. Give that crumble oh here there is no secret, people, now you can imagine this wonderful cream this puff pastry. Oh oh oh. Guilherme do Hey Pedro, it’s good, I did a nice walk, now I’m going to come with another layer of this cream here, look I spread it out, look at this cream, people, the most beautiful thing hum Oh there, I left a border why Pedro? Look what we are going to do, you are going to take the green grape, you know that grape that has no seed you gonna do it here oh. Look for the seedless one that is more delicious to eat easier. Kids eat well, okay? Oh I already washed it well now put it here and now let’s put it in the whole shape of this.

That the father is showing you oh oh and the last one and Pedro finished here ok? For a while there’s still that last step, which will make it even more beautiful. I’m going to take it to the fridge now, to freeze it well, look what a beautiful dessert sell papa. To freeze well, I’ll be back with you in a little while. I’ll leave about six hours, okay leaving overnight is even better Then I’ll come back so we can decorate, okay? So hang in there, let’s go. Class, we’re back, dad left it from one day to the next And now what am I going to do? Very simple, I made a ganache, Pedrão, look it’s here on my sleeve, the ganache is milk chocolate, I put milk chocolate with cream, okay? And now we are going to decorate, come with me Pedro We are back in Brazil. Look what a sensational dessert. Pedro, film inside. Make the class happy. What is this here? production, look this puff pastry in the middle, this cream that was a success,.

Mmm the father is already salivating But before trying it I want to send kisses and hugs to you who are a member of the channel, you are not a member of the channel, you want to become a member click here on the side of the subscribe button, you have to be a member you get hugs from dad there, dad will leave your name in the video description Today I want to send a hug to Vilmar Paulo, Tom Lourenço, Lucas Sampaio, Jaque Castro, Miguel Ferber Cleaning Corner, Sandra Cesário Wesley Pivotto, Gift of Sugar, Jennifer Fernandes Ramon Regazy, Regiane Souza, Leni Pereira, Helen and Luciene Ganso, a big hug for you this dessert will be special for Recife channel members. Oh, and you who are not a member, run there to become a member too.

Heavy want to try? So come on, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down O mason, give him Makita Here we are. Try it and say daddy, so what? It is worth it hmm a favor Wow what a wonderful combination Most. Hmm. Hmm Most? More people this puff pastry In the middle of dessert, my God. Now it’s done, you can go there, guys. Hmm A delight do you have to make for your Christmas dinner? It will burst. If you liked the recipe, don’t forget to like, share.

Do it at your house, then come back to comment what you think did you think so? I want to thank you, thank you very much for your company, for your patience, a big kiss from the father, stay with God and until the next video Hmm! My God! I will take This one is top Pedro, very good

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