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Dear and beloved followers, are you all right? All right, my beautiful, wonderful. Oh, that’s all. How are you? Are you almost winning the theaters? It’s almost Guys, Alice is coming, I’ll go, I said, no, I need to learn how to make yogurt in there, because yogurt is expensive on the market makes twelve dick in that yogurt that he eats Nestlé? That there are plums there Nestlé like that. Calm. no bro it’s expensive I said, let’s not make yogurt here at home. You will use milk, plain yogurt and Tang juice. three ingredients it is a success, you will make yogurt in your face and you can diversify the taste. In your face, no, in your house. In your house and throw it in your face and you can diversify the flavors too, okay? So let’s check that today there’s homemade yogurt here parent recipes, if you are not subscribed here on the channel already subscribe Leave your thumbs up, spin life because today the recipe is a show. Was this yogurt delicious too? Very approved. I highly recommend. Get the recipe there. wheel mine.

So come on guys, today dad is going to teach you yogurt, yogurt or yogurt Lorraine? Yogurt only exists in your childhood. Hold Pedro’s memory too, right? Nobody says yogurt no sir I’m going to teach you the wonderful homemade strawberry yogurt. Folks, it’s really easy. do, end that mystery, you have to put the TopTherm one there, that thing there, those from TopTherm that the woman talks about there. Araci. I forgot the name aunt Aninha because it is one hundred percent natural, because it is homemade at TocTherm. No, you poor woman You’re going to make it from a small cup of yogurt that you buy at the market, okay? So, look, remembering the ingredients, the father will leave the description.

Just open the information box, everything is specified, but I can comment i can confess when i saw that woman making yogurt made me want to eat. You remember, right? From Top Carmen, right? wait a second. Oh, it recomposes. So guys look at that dad is going to use two liters of milk, here’s a liter, I’ll put it in the pan and I’ll put another cold liter here later, okay Two liters of milk, a glass of yogurt whole grain that doesn’t come with sugar, is that it? It’s right, right? Integral, right? Natural, right? One hundred and seventy degrees. Integral, integral. Natural, integral. One hundred and seventy grams, a pot he there. And two packs of Strawberry Tang Juice that I’m using here if it is also tang, maguari, in a little packet here, the powder, right? Any brand you have there is just to taste it. How far juice goes. Here, Pedro, who.

You’ll have to take about ten more to taste. Tang is very easy, I’m using strawberry, okay? Which is more traditional. So first step I’m going to put here, look, a liter of milk I knew, but there’s no way, right? I’m going to turn on the fire and I’m going to fill here with a liter of milk at room temperature OK? So, you are going to heat this milk, you are not going to let it boil. When he starts with those little bubbles around the pan, before boiling because it’s already good, you’re going to turn off the heat, okay? And the father is already going to separate another liter of milk at room temperature here So first here Pedro, a liter of milk in the pan let it warm up. Come on, I’ll be back in a little while. There, look, those little bubbles started to appear here, can you see Pedrola? Oh, did you see? Yes turn off the fire. Then what am I going to do? I separated another liter of milk here at room temperature put that hot one here at once, because if not, you’ve already seen it, right, love? You can’t pop our Avon jar.

Put it here. Here comes the hottest one. It’s just that I’m left-handed I’m a left-hander, Pedro, but it’s going to work, look. And put it here too, look Here’s the thing, so you seasoned this milk, right? So now you’re going to get that yogurt a pot and put it in here. The thicker you find the yogurt, the better. It’s easy, there’s no secret. I already have one ready there from yesterday to today, because otherwise it won’t work, right, love? Do it, wait. Yes Yes. Dad doesn’t have all that time there. So I’m going to get one over there that dad made yesterday. And what is the process now? Following he will put film paper, he needs to rest for twelve hours, ok hours resting, OK? Then I left mine inside the oven, which is a more closed, right? Off, right? Turned off, there’s no reason to turn it on. You are going to leave it there for twelve hours, it was twelve o’clock.

OK? Leave it in the fridge for about five hours so we can bring it very cold to mix our homemade yogurt Combined? So it’s nice to make this recipe at night, right? This is cool, yesterday I did it was around nine o’clock, right? IT IS. Then IT IS. So I woke up this morning, nine o’clock in the morning, I took it out of the oven, which it rested for twelve hours, I left it in the fridge and I’m coming to record it for you I heated some water water that is boiling, I put a mold inside the oven, I’m going to put this water inside the mold, okay? To make the environment even warmer with our yogurt. Shall we take him there first? Come on. So come. Oh, I’m going to put cute yogurt here and I’ll come with the water boiling and put it inside a shape. Just to make this environment as warm as possible, okay? That’s it, closed Count twelve hours there, okay? After twelve o’clock, fridge, okay.

Let’s go back because I already have another one ready there. Come back, Lorraine. Let’s go. Oh, so dad’s already back here with the other one I made last night I’m going to show you the consistency, okay it may appear one by one a little bit of the serum, then I’ll just remove this serum here, look There are people who don’t. There are people who don’t remove it, they don’t need it, but you’ll make your yogurt more consistent, right? The less water creamier it will be more consistent it will be. So why dad is taking here O serum taken, pure beauty who sees the consistency. Look, Pedro, come here, look, look here. Oh look well. Wow, what a success. Oh, did it work? right? Oh how cool, how does he sign, right? THE boy. Ball show, right? Let’s now move on to our blender, calmly, right? not to make a mess.

Oh, that’s why your blender doesn’t fit at once, it beats half, right? Then beat the other half. You also have the option of making a half recipe. Hm-huh. One liter of milk half pot of yogurt Tang juice pack, right? Closed the package, that’s it, right? Is there anything missing? Do not. No, that’s it, okay? Easy too. Here are two packages, so let’s put them here, look let’s go Oh, dad came back here, I made it yesterday, I bought strawberries, I made jam, okay? So, can you make it with jelly? Can, why not? Do with huh? Just beat it with strawberry here, sweeten it if you want and continue the dance. This jelly here, what am I going to do? Just for me to decorate my bowl here, okay love? THE so beautiful. To make it look nice, but you can put the jam up here too, which will It’s a ball show. Now.

He comes with his father, Pedro. Turn on the music there and come. let’s go We’re back to Brazil, show Lorena here, now we’re going to open a factory to make piaza yogurt help the father, right Lorena? That’s right. Oh, top of the galaxies, eh? surrendered there yielded two liters, practically two liters of yogurt for you to make for the kids there, wow kids will like it. So he’s going to say the name of his followers. I want to send kisses and hugs to our channel members here on the channel do you want to become a member, do you want the father to say your name here, leave your name in the video description, click here, look, little button be a member and now we will send the bis Honey? That’s right. Today I want to send a kiss to Rosemary, Meritizon big hug my friend Marta Tavares, Marcelo Gomes, Michel Muniz channel comes with dad Angela Feio.

It’s ugly no, it’s ugly, it’s IL my brother, right? That’s right. That’s it. Paulo Rabelo, Maurenir Sanches Gonçalves, Marilda Maris, Cid Borges Cordeiro, Vilmar Paulo, Tom Lourenço, Lucas Sampaio, Miguel Ferber Cesario, Wesley Pivotto, Gift of Sugar. Jennifer Fernandes, friend of Felipe, Ramon Regaz and Regiane Souza and Hey guys. Very well to experiment? Come on. Look, it stayed here for a while, but it’s just going to be stirred a little to make sure, Lulana, which I never did. THE. With the knife? with the knife then you give that lick oh my God in heaven. Danger Come on? We will. Come with the father, look. The crazy.

Good It’s good, don’t tell me, tell me. So people don’t think I’m lying. Look at this, Lorraine. Our But it’s really good. It is good or not Experience the heavy experience there. Drop the glass and get another glass here, leave it. Congratulations Lorena, what success is that? Wow, what a delight. Is it tasty or not? Very good. Looks a lot like the one you bought, right? it’s a little thinner, but still creamy Hey? I found it tastier. Tastier because it has that sour yogurt too, right? Exactly My God, give me daddy. Come to me, oh You can’t even make the healthy version from there, right? beating with fruit Our. For sure, right? Make a jelly, right?.

Or with the fruit itself? With the fruit itself. The person wants to reduce the sugar too, right? THE. Very good You can do what the father recommends. What a success! Until it can be done clear. It does, right? Yeah, a little piece of coconut too? Will that will sweeten about fifteen spoons of sugar. That it Signing the bullet. If you liked the recipe, don’t forget to like it, share it so everyone can make it at home. Do the test. Is easy You can make it at home with few ingredients, okay? I want to thank you, thank you very much for your company, for your patience, a big kiss from Dad Stay with God and until the next video. It’s there Very approved. Now put it in a pot like that of yogurt, close it well. Fridge, I don’t even know if there’s going to be any left over for the fridge. I think it won’t. It won’t, will it? Do not. So take more take. can a chat Yup. What about Lorraine? Children don’t lie, right? Did you like Guilherme.

But it’s really good, man. Worth a try. And you can do it, since you’re doing it with Tang juice. with other flavors, right? Clear. Grape, lemon, I don’t know, pineapple, oh how delicious Yogurt and pineapple? Might as well try. Guys, kiss from the father, I went. It is us

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